EDKUB builds a bridge between Cuban and electronic music. 

The new single "Callada" is driven by Cuban rumba percussions. A mysterious atmosphere is spreading on which a moody-jazz trumpet improvises. The intimate voice of Marbis Manzanet leads us to the magic of the silent nightfall. A rumba choir ends this mysterious journey in an incantation to the light.

SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma first single "Oya" is an original and powerful blend of afro-cuban percussions meeting afro-funk influences, carried by a traditional and spiritual Yoruba song. A kind of UFO where the sounds of afro-beat guitars, electro keyboards, afro-cuban bass on heavy-funky drums, join those of Cuban religious rythmes and culture resulting in a trancy groove through the mesmerizing Yoruba chant.